“Love of Learning is the Guide of Life”


Our school moto is borrowed from Phi Beta Kappa Society which is a widely recognized and prestigious honor society at colleges throughout the United States.  The honor society promotes and advocates excellence in liberal arts and sciences and recognizes model students who demonstrate qualities important to learning.  The Greek letters Phi Beta Kappa translate to mean “love of learning is the guide of life.”


At Falcon Ridge, we want your child to LOVE learning and develop a passion for discovery that will last forever. Children are naturally curious and intrigued by the world they live in; we hope to foster these instincts and encourage them to be engaged in their education now and in the future.  We will teach your child the standards and subject matter they are required to know, but we also intend to offer a series of opportunities for them to have great “aha” moments while they are in school to spark their imaginations, create deeper thinking about learning, and to put them at the controls of their own education for a lifetime.


It is important for young people to get good grades and take initiative towards academic achievement, however instilling a love of learning is a gift they will have for a lifetime.  Together we will make this a reality.